Case 1: Skilled Nursing Home chain with more than 200 locations

Issue: Local management teams were disengaged with employees. Employee surveys showed that employee morale and satisfaction were diminishing.

Result: An employee survey was conducted and revealed the primary issue employees had with the company was a lack of trust in current management. Creative Solutions created a Employee Engagement Committee along with a custom employee satisfaction survey in regards to management, respect, teamwork, customer service, innovation and quality. A policy to provide a forum for employees was put in place to discuss certain business practices with the goal of improving efficiency, communication, morale, and customer service. A follow-up survey was provided two years later to show an assessment of the effectiveness of the initial action plans as well as providing continued guidance for future interventions.

Case 2: Won a corporate campaign at one of the largest healthcare facilities

Issue: Conflict and lack of unity within the executive team. Local union organizers filed a petition for election.

Result: Creative Solutions developed a critical communication plan in order for employees to make an informed decision on the union issue. Assisted the client in remaining union-free. Creative Solutions identified employee concerns and issues with management to create a friendly and pleasant work environment. Management also made a goal to boost Employee morale and patient satisfaction and sustain them. Management restored trust and communication

Case 3: False union promises to Charter School system teachers

Issue: Union promised teacher’s board of director seats

Result: Teachers were falsely promised in reference to collective bargaining. Teachers were educated about a conflict of Interest. We further went into the core problems concerning education of the children and core safety concerns of the students.

Case 4: Union stewards having too much control

Issue: Management was afraid of the union stewards. Stewards had too much power and were calling the shots.

Result: Management was taught on the basics of managing and supervising in the union environment. The loose ends of the contract with the labor organization were secured. Creative Solutions instilled a atmosphere of labor peace.